What a Good Pregnancy Diet Menu Provides

Finding out that you are pregnant will elicit different reactions from people: most, if not all, would be excited over the good news and would give you their heartfelt congratulations, some would be curious and would start asking many questions about whether you want a boy or a girl, what preparations you are undertaking, and […]

Pregnancy Foods? What a strange idea

Are there really such things are pregnancy foods?  There are plenty of good healthy foods that you should make every attempt to include in your diet when you are pregnant.  And these foods are great before and after pregnancy as well? How to Keep Your Diet During Pregnancy in Balance For a woman who has […]

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Artificial Sweeteners and Caffeine

When you are carrying another life inside of you, being careful about the things you eat can increase the likelihood of your baby being born without serious complications. Artificial sweeteners and caffeine are definitely foods to avoid during pregnancy because they put you and your unborn baby at risk for a number of health problems. […]

Pregnancy Nutrition – Whole Food Mommy Style

I thought that I would write about pregnancy nutrition – being that I am currently pregnant with my third child. Before I start explaining what I should be eating and why – I would like to ask the question: Does anyone else find it hard to eat nutritionally excellent while being pregnant? My first trimester […]

What To Eat When Pregnant: 4 Foods To Avoid

When it comes to pregnancy, most expectant mothers wonder what to eat when pregnant. In fact, many new mothers have heard stories about foods to avoid while pregnant, but have no idea if these are grounded in fact. Is there some truth to these stories? Or are they just a bunch of old wives’ tales? […]

Best Fruits to Eat – Why Fruits Are Nutritious For Us to Eat

Fruits are some of the most nutritious foods that we can eat. There are so many reasons why fruits are so good for us and we will deal with a few of those reasons today as well us talking about what fruits that are good for us to eat that also aren’t expensive for us […]

Heartburn and Pregnancy

Of all of the changes that occur during pregnancy, heartburn is one that a great many women experience. Pregnancy and heartburn tend to go together, and women who have never experienced it before might suffer from it on a frequent basis. Fortunately, heartburn in pregnancy is quite easy to prevent and treat. Heartburn in pregnancy […]

Try Vegetarianism

There has been a lot of debate, or rather a feud, over the health benefits of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets for ages. The proponents of both hold strong and irrefutable standpoints, making the Veg vs. Non-veg, a critical topic of discussion for the health and diet practitioners all over the world. Eating habits are […]

Is it Safe to Eat Bacon When Pregnant?

One of the things that concerns most pregnant women is knowing which foods are safe to eat and which ones to avoid. Most women already assume that they will need to cut back on, or avoid altogether, things like alcohol, tobacco, and various medications. One food that has led to many questions about its safety […]

Fetal Brain Development and Fish Oil – Omega-3 Supplements Can Help Your Baby Grow

Fetal brain development and fish oil are closely interlinked. The omega-3 fatty acids that you can find in fish oil supplements today are extremely important for the development of your child’s brain, central nervous system and eyes. The majority of pregnant women today are deficient in DHA and EPA, two essential omega-3 fatty acids. This […]