Month: March 2018

What a Good Pregnancy Diet Menu Provides

Finding out that you are pregnant will elicit different reactions from people: most, if not all, would be excited over the good news and would give you their heartfelt congratulations, some would be curious and would start asking many questions about whether you want a boy or a girl, what preparations you are undertaking, and […]

Pregnancy Foods? What a strange idea

Are there really such things are pregnancy foods?  There are plenty of good healthy foods that you should make every attempt to include in your diet when you are pregnant.  And these foods are great before and after pregnancy as well? How to Keep Your Diet During Pregnancy in Balance For a woman who has […]

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Artificial Sweeteners and Caffeine

When you are carrying another life inside of you, being careful about the things you eat can increase the likelihood of your baby being born without serious complications. Artificial sweeteners and caffeine are definitely foods to avoid during pregnancy because they put you and your unborn baby at risk for a number of health problems. […]

Pregnancy Nutrition – Whole Food Mommy Style

I thought that I would write about pregnancy nutrition – being that I am currently pregnant with my third child. Before I start explaining what I should be eating and why – I would like to ask the question: Does anyone else find it hard to eat nutritionally excellent while being pregnant? My first trimester […]