Baby Pottying – 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Baby’s Nappy Use Naturally

Communicating about elimination is a fun way to save money on nappies as we get to know new things about our babies. By adding a ‘potty break’ into transitions in your day, you can reduce your use of nappies, even though your baby is wearing them full-time.

Baby Pottying is commonly known as Elimination Communication (EC). Yes, you can do it part-time. That’s what everyone does, really. To ‘ease into EC’ you need to be calm, relaxed and willing to have some enjoyable time with your baby nappy-free! As you discover how to turn on your EC senses, your confidence will grow, you will be able to know your baby’s needs more and more, and be able to help them.

Here’s the first 3 things you can do to turn on your ‘EC’ senses:

1. Have a potty break when you have the water running for your baby’s bath.
2. Each time you change your baby’s nappy, offer a potty break.
3. When you check baby’s nappy and find it dry, offer a potty break.

Easy! These are natural transitions in your day – no extra effort is involved, yet you can enter a whole new dimension of understanding of your baby with these simple ideas…

Remember- have no expectations that your baby should wee, you are merely introducing the potty so that it is a familiar object. Sitting on the potty is an invitation to use it, never a requirement! Warm the potty and help your baby on so that it is a fun place to be.

You can see how simple it is to reduce your nappy use gradually and naturally with some baby pottying moments. Each time they do a wee in the potty, have a cheer – together you’ve saved another nappy change, saved money and washing, prevented waste and best of all connected with your baby – see how they respond – it is very exciting indeed!

Baby Pottying – is the leading edge in environmentally sustainable nappy practices. Combined with any sort of nappy use – either disposable or modern cloth, will reduce your overall use of nappies as the nappy stays drier longer, also reducing the risk of nappy rash.

Pop over to Charndra’s website on part time Baby Pottying, either or – you can join to receive a free e-course introducing you to the Secrets of Elimination Communication Confidence. Over 40 Potty Songs, plenty of tips, resources and helpful ideas to make your journey easing into EC very smooth indeed.

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