Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in loads of excitement for the couple, especially for the mothers-to-be as they enter a new phase of life. But, after having said that, once pregnancy signs have shown, it becomes important from all aspects to take special care of expecting mothers.
Pregnancy with its share of happiness and bliss also brings several miseries along with it. Some of them are acne and high blood pressure. It has been observed that pregnant women experience a high level of blood pressure during their last phase of pregnancy.Some of them might even get high blood pressure before conception. Once the symptoms of pregnancy are evident, it shall be your responsibility to crosscheck with the doctor to see if you are prone to it or not.
Though its a serious medical complication, there have been many cases under which pregnant women have given birth to healthier babies without any complications. Nevertheless, despite all medical advancements, high blood pressure during pregnancy is still risky for both mother and the child.
Because of this reason, high blood pressure is associated with various risks. Many a times, the baby does not get proper supply of oxygen and nutrition because of the placenta related complications. It has also been seen that after delivery, blood pressure level of the mother becomes normal but still she is at a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease later in the life. Women who have had an episode of high blood pressure prior to conceiving the baby have also been seen with a different set of complications during pregnancy.
Preeclampsia is disorder the mother is diagnosed with when the level of protein is increased in the urine. As a result, a low flow of blood to various body parts makes it a deadly disease to be treated with time in hand. This must be ensured for the safety of both mother and the child.
Given the fact that Preeclampsia could be fatal to fetus; it could also harm it and mother in the longer run and in extreme cases could even result in death.
Thus, we saw how dangerous can an increased level of blood pressure be. If not treated, it could act deadly for mother and the child. Special care has to be taken to ensure the health of the fetus. Consult a doctor once the early symptoms of pregnancy have shown and see if there are complications involved in your case. Be safe and help others go the safe way too!

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