Building Intelligent Traffic Engineering Building Integrated Solutions – Intelligent Buildings, Fire
Building Intelligent Traffic Engineering Building Integrated Solutions – Intelligent Buildings, Fire

As income to the healthy development of our people, the development of the western region, the process of urbanization in China is gradually accelerated, with the accelerated process of urbanization, high-level intelligent building automation field has become a new highlight. However, from our involvement in this industry, intelligent building to the present, nearly 80% of the domestic high-rise building construction is the use of foreign intelligence monitoring the configuration software to do the upper platform. , I engaged in building intelligent engineering for nearly 8 years, to analyze the two main reasons: First, foreign software (such as EXCEL5000, WINCC, etc.) in the use of time longer than the domestic software, its stability and function to be excellent in the domestic software; Second abroad have their own hardware integration software products, which combine hardware and software can be very good, but the intelligent building project with high investment risk (the general account for about 5% of civil cost) Therefore, in the high-level domestic software engineering, intelligent buildings are rarely used. But in fact as intelligent building systems is a time delay, the control accuracy is not as demanding as the process control. From the project cost considerations, reached with the developers of hardware and software used to build domestic consensus on China after the intelligent building project, the company made to the developer the following solution.

Traffic in this case study is located in Guangdong Province, a city center building, 24 floors tall, building area of 40,000 square meters, in the main building on each side of three-storey podium building, main floor, the center symmetry. The traffic control center in the top floor, 5 to 23 floors for office, 4th floor for the restaurant, 1 to 3 business hall floor to focus on accreditation. Underground sub-three: one to have 260 parking spaces in the underground car park, the second floor for the electrical and mechanical equipment rooms, three air defense by the wartime, peacetime storage room for the debris.

Traffic building main functions: centralized management of urban motor vehicle traffic;

major traffic trouble on the height of the road and vehicle scheduling unified management.

1. Traffic building system integration model

Intelligent building in the country as a whole do not have a uniform integration of the findings, the current BMS large system integration of public buildings following the four main modes:

1. To contacts conducted systems integration, 2. To integrate serial communication, 3. BA Building Automation System as a platform for system integration, 4. Equitable manner based on system integration subsystem. The first way is to integrate the initial system integration tools, which are now rarely used BMS integration; second method uses serial communication as the communication speed is too slow; third integrated way a lot of deficiencies, BAS system is a relatively closed system, the lack of opening up the ability to interface with other subsystems devices and interface software to be limited to a specific product, therefore the limited capacity of system integration, and maintenance and upgrade costs are too high. BAS and BAS BMS tied too tight if failure, BMS also announced paralysis, loss of work ability, can not manage and control subsystems are still working.

Made for the use of user requirements and system integration in accordance with principle 5, the company adopted an integrated approach based on equal subsystems.

The traffic building features requested by users can be made for the parallel integration of two layers. OA by the traffic building and integrated communications platform CN form, transport information and communication, alarm system composed of integrated business information management automation systems. (MAS); by the building management and related systems such as: BA, FA, SA, etc. constitute a separate building on the property management building management system (BMS). The integration system as shown below, in which OA 5 of 6 sub-systems and subsystems CN coordinated management by the MAS, BA’s seven sub-systems and property management network management by the BMS, the two databases can be connected under the authority and demand.

II. Traffic Building Wiring System

The entire building in the MAS system, integrated wiring system as the transmission medium of subsystem

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