Exercising Properly During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not mean that a woman has to be inactive and lacking in exercise. You can stay safe and healthy while getting your necessary cardio in.

Becoming a mother is one of the best times a woman will have. However, anyone that is a fitness buff or regular exerciser may worry about their ability to stay fit during this time.

Those that are expecting will not have to completely cut running and activity from their life. It is possible to get a good workout and break a sweat without harming you or your child.

Especially during the first trimester, you should be sure to take it easy and not overexert your body. This is a critical period of your baby’s gestation; many of the important organs are formed and it is a crucial time in development.

You want to decrease the likelihood of miscarriage by eating a balanced diet, staying away from harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco, relaxing, and not exerting yourself too much. It is still possible to get enough exercise that you stay healthy and fit during this period of time.

Do not break a really intense sweat. It is possible to keep your heart healthy and pumping more intensely during pregnancy without causing too much strain on yourself.

Those that would normally run at an fast pace outdoors can cut down the power and have a moderate walk indoors on an elliptical. This environment will be more controlled, there will be less of a risk of falling or tripping, and the machine will provide a light and low impact method of exercise.

You can also adjust the resistance and pay better attention to the time than you would be able to if you were out in the elements. Make sure to not run as intensely as you would have before the pregnancy, no matter how capable you feel.

It is important to listen to your body, muscles, and joints, as you grow larger; you will not be able to work out as intensely as you once could after a certain point. Always stay hydrated, and do not run if you feel sick, tired, or weak.

When jogging becomes difficult, you can also walk on a treadmill. The treadmill will help you get moving and work your cardiovascular system.

However, it will not be too trying on your expecting body. It will also be less shocking to your joints and legs, because the platform is cushioned.

Exercise in a different way if you feel too tired, big, or uncomfortable. There is plenty of different prenatal yoga and Pilates classes made for women that cannot perform more difficult workouts because of pregnancy, but want to stay in shape.

Pregnancy causes all different kinds of unexpected bodily changes, and the extra weight gained in the area of your stomach can have a direct effect on the joints and back. If you do decide to stay true to your running routine, make use of a maternity belt to support and protect your stomach; that way, it will not jostle.

A maternity belt is a strap that is fastened around your hips directly under your expecting belly. It takes stress off of that area and protects the muscles in your back from straining.

You will most likely find that you have a more sensitive bladder than you once did and that you have to use the restroom more often than you used to. Plan your route around the availability of bathrooms that you can use close by; and be sure to stop and use them whenever you feel it is necessary.

If you wish, invite other pregnant moms-to-be to join you in your workouts. It will stimulate you mentally, emotionally, and socially, give you a community to stay healthy with; you can get advice from the other women, if you need.

There is definitely a period of your pregnancy where you will feel too big and uncomfortable to walk very much, much less exercise. Accept that this is just a natural part of the process and that your body is preparing you to give birth to your little one.

It is best to eat well and get fit even before you become pregnant, including taking vitamins like folic acid for healthy baby growth; a healthy mom will most likely produce a healthy baby. The better shape you stay in, the easier the nine months will be and the simpler you will be able to get back to the level of fitness you once were in before your child was born.

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