How Chocolates Prevent Miscarriage

If you’re pregnant and just as crazy about chocolates than ever, you’ll definitely love it that those cravings just might be good for you and your unborn baby. A new study shows that eating these sweets everyday just might reduce the possibility of a miscarriage, even for those who are struggling or have struggled with morning sickness during their first three months on the way. What’s even more surprising is the study’s finding that the more pronounced a woman’s morning sickness is, the less chances she has of having problems with the pregnancy.

Even consumer health campaigners are spreading word about chocolate being a “healing food” that could help prevent major illnesses such as cancer and improve body systems such as those involving energy levels and internal organ functions. What would be at the center of this recent discovery is the need for genuine cacao to be used in manufacturing the candies. Whether modern or retro sweets, the chocolates should not be all fat and sugar. With real cacao, one is able to enjoy the richness of chocolate while giving the body nourishment. Pregnant women, who are known to have mood swings and the tendency to be lethargic, are particularly benefited with their moods and energy levels improved.

Along with this study about chocolates is the finding that there is no link between pregnant women working full time and miscarriage. This explains that whether or not she opts to continue working, her chances of a normal delivery will not be affected. In fact, even those whose jobs required a little amount of stress such as standing for more than a few hours a day would not be hurt. Naturally though, the study established that the greater the amount of stress a pregnant woman is exposed to, the higher her risk of a miscarriage.

Furthermore, researchers found that pregnant women whose partners were over 45 were years old more likely to have a miscarriage than those whose babies’ fathers were younger. Women who were short of the normal weight range before being their pregnant state also turned out to be more at risk by more than fifty percent during their first trimester.

Studies on the the factors involved in miscarriage are ongoing and while more and more risks are discovered, pregnant women are encouraged to work closer with their prenatal care physicians to ensure a normal and risk-free pregnancy and delivery.

As for chocolates, whether they come as retro sweets or modern versions and no matter where they were bought at, they will always be special to us, pregnant or not.

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