How to be a Pregnant Lady in Office
How to be a Pregnant Lady in Office

Zhang Yijun, a doctor and famous psychologist from Georgia Tech told the journalist that she had an acquaintance in the high class of a company. She worried about her baby almost everyday after getting pregnant. She thought of almost everything that could have happened to her baby, such as the harelip, living an unhappy life, and even worried that if her child would choose to kill him or herself after reading the news about primary school students killing themselves. She was so worried that she can’t get into sleep. The pregnancy made her give up a chance of promotion, and she often started to cry late at night, waking up her husband and shouting. She said she had a depression before giving birth to her baby but she dared not have any pills because she was afraid her baby’s health would be affected, which added to her depression.


There are some tips to pregnant ladies of refreshing and relieving.


1. Don’t hide your pregnancy from your boss.

It is not clever to hide your pregnancy until it can’t be hidden. Instead, it will make the relationship between you and your boss become worse. Then what should you do? Experts advise you’d better tell your boss and your colleagues the truth when you are sure you are pregnant after three months of observation. There is a small tip. To tell it in a humorous way like you are telling some good news. For example: “Big news! I am going to bring a new guy into our group! “


2. Writing blogs

One of the ways of relieving oneself in psychology is writing. Most of our anxiety comes from chaos of thought. Writing can help us sort our moods and thoughts out and thus relieve our anxiety. Besides, writing blogs can help pregnant women get support from the society, which means a lot to those pregnant women who are weak in controlling their mood.


3. Refreshing your brain

There is a good method to refresh your brain, which is to have a deep breathe every 1.5 to 2 hours with each time lasting for 5 minutes. You needn’t think anything, and your mood can be adjusted back into the right position.

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