I Am Hosting A Baby Shower Where Should I Buy Food For Pregnant Women?

If you have never been pregnant, nor have you known anyone who is pregnant, the first time you have a pregnant woman over may raise some concerns about what to feed an expectant mother. What you cook for yourself, you may decide, is your business, but is there food for pregnant women you should be concerned about? Foods to avoid or provide? The unknown can seem scary, but feeding a pregnant woman isnt hard at all.

Where to Shop for Food for Pregnant Women
In an ideal world, we would all be eating organically raised produce, humanely raised grass-fed meats and wild caught fish every day. For some, this is a financial possibility, for others less so. If you are feeding a pregnant friend that you know only eats organic foods, this is the time to splurge. Nothing is less comfortable than having a guest decline your meal because you are offering things they dont eat.

Of course, any polite guest shouldnt decline your meal or at least give you fair warning about their allergies, and they can always offer to bring a dish. However, if you are determined to go it alone, then start your planning at the local healthy food store. Some stock both organics and conventionally grown items; so make sure to check if it is of importance.

What to Make for Your Pregnant Guest
It is always a challenge to decide what to make when you are hosting a group, pregnancy aside. However, in consideration of the fact that women who are advanced in their pregnancies really cant eat too much as a result of their compressed stomach, planning a selection of healthy salads, cut fruit and sparkling waters is always a good choice.

Look up recipes that include seasonal ingredients before you go shopping. Consider making a soup or chowder if the weather is cold. Skip meat entirely and consider a lentil salad, something with quinoa, a crustless quiche or some other sort of protein. That way you dont have any concerns about whether or not any guests are vegetarian.

Salad Bar for Pregnant Girls and Everyone Else!
A good idea is to always set out ingredients for a salad bar. This allows everyone to take what they want without putting a lot of pressure on you to serve. Prepare bowls of greens, not just iceberg lettuce but arugula, endive, romaine, watercress and others all mixed together. Cherry tomatoes, raw sliced almonds, cucumbers, shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms, chunks of avocado and more all work well in this plan. Keep dressings, organic olive oil and lemon juice on the side for people to add as they wish.

You can splurge a bit for dessert with a berry trifle or parfaits. That way you keep your mostly healthy theme but offer a treat that isnt going to cause your nutritiously-conscious individuals conniptions.

What if I Plan a Casserole Party?
If your goal is to ease the expectant mothers load after the baby is born, it pays to know how to make easy, nutritional meals that freeze well. Send out a variety of such recipes to your guests and remind them to stick to sound nutritional principles.

Make beef stew using grass fed beef, sweet potatoes and organic vegetables. Consider a ground turkey chili atop a bed of quinoa send the quinoa in a pouch with cooking directions. Prepare a breakfast quiche with no crust filled with veggies, organic whole eggs and organic or raw milk since the milk is thoroughly cooked there is no risk. There are many choices available; you just have to think a little bit outside of the traditional box.

When preparing food for pregnant women, focus upon concentrated nutrition, appealing, fresh ingredients and small portions. Purchase organic if you can afford it and sit back and enjoy the party.

Are you in charge of the shopping? Food for pregnant women should be as easy as it is tasty. Help your baby grow and thrive by offering mom things that will make good choices simple. Visit www.WhatToEatWhilePregnant.com for the answers to see you through your pregnancy.

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