Insomnia during Pregnancy
Insomnia during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful life-changing experience, especially for first time mothers. But there’s a lot to being pregnant other than having to carry the baby around in your belly for 9 months. A lot of things may happen that may affect the growth of the baby inside your womb and your health as well. One of these is insomnia.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder where a person is unable to sleep or to have a good sleep. Insomnia during pregnancy may be caused by different factors. One of the common factors that can cause insomnia is frequent urination. This happens because the uterus pushes against the bladder, which reduces its capacity to hold urine.

Pregnant women also suffer from wakefulness because of hormonal imbalance, back pain and upset. Sometimes, it can also be hard for a pregnant woman to get into comfortable position this causes difficulties when it pertains to sleeping.

Another factor that can lead to wakefulness is stress. Pregnant women get stressed a lot. And as you may know, when stress is unmanaged, insomnia may develop. Sometimes, insomnia also happens as a symptom of problems like depression and anxiety disorders, which women may also develop during pregnancy.

Once a pregnant woman develops wakefulness, she may become easily irritated, anxious or depressed. Not having enough sleep can also affect the development of babies. So, it is vital to undergo treatment as soon as you experience having difficulties sleeping while pregnant.

There are many known treatments for insomnia, and most of these are ideal for pregnant women. Avoiding coffee and treating the bedroom as a place for sleeping are among these treatments. However, there are some treatments that also require the help of experts and these include therapies. You may also try meditation, which is a very effective relaxation technique. Once you feel relaxed, it is easier to fall asleep.

Meditation is really beneficial for pregnant women. In fact, a lot of experts recommend women to practice this activity during pregnancy. Not only will it help you sleep, it will also help you make sure that your baby is developing well.

Learning meditation though, may take some time and practice. If you want to learn more about this thousand year old relaxation technique, you can visit or

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