Pregnancy Development Week by Week

It is important to note that each and every week that you are pregnant something else will occur. In some cases it might be slight; in other cases it might be huge. It all depends on the trimester. Pregnancy development week by week is a wonder to be aware of. It allows you to see pretty closely what is happening to you and your body and realize that although pregnancy takes a long time, the development is fast and furious. It is in fact, one of the many wonders of science and week by week you will come to see that. This human production line is one well oiled, well formatted machine that your body just knows how to kick into.

If you really looked into what takes place during pregnancy development week by week you will see that it really breaks down into a few different sections. What happens from a baby’s growth perspective, what happens from a body perspective for you and what happens to your psyche week over week. These three areas are constantly monitored by the doctor and hopefully by you to keep track of the many changes that you are undergoing and to understand the impact of these changes as your baby develops.

Development is slow at first at least from a visual side. You don’t see much, you feel a lot and the pregnancy development week by week for the first ten weeks takes place more hidden than when you really start to show. However some of the most important things happen these weeks like the attachment of the egg to the lining, or the body producing hormones to support growth. Organs expand or contract to prepare for the growth that the body is going to go through. All of these are development signs that you know are going on but you can’t really see.

Then you start to see it and the pregnancy development week by week in the second trimester becomes so much more obvious to the eye. You see the baby through sonograms and other measures. You feel the baby and you can see your own personal growth as the baby grows. This development is more a steady jog through this mid trimester. Everything has been put into place during the first trimester and the second one just takes it and keeps it maturing. You can see the maturity and you can feel the changes. Your psyche is probably pretty strong this trimester since it is not filled with too many changes.

And then the pregnancy development week over week continues into the final stretch. Your body definitely gets ready to prepare for delivery and toward the end you are feeling all types of twinges and aches that make you nervous. Your psyche gets a little concerned and your fatigue is at its height. You might be in bed a lot more than before and then again, you might now. The beauty of pregnancy is that no matter how things are “scripted” to go each woman is her own story and each pregnancy has its own development rate. 

Don’t let questions you have about your pregnancy development week go unanswered.

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