Pregnant Woman’s Exercise Plan

Whether you were always fit or not, every woman should consider an exercise program while pregnant. After consulting your baby doctor, you should put together a program that works for you. Your body will be going through a lot of changes during the course of a pregnancy, it would be best to be prepared.

Your first step in an pregnancy exercise program is to decide how much you want to accomplish with the program. Are you continuing with a program that you had in place before you were pregnant? Is this a new exercise program that you have put in place just for your pregnancy? Answer this question and you will create a pregnancy exercise program.

The first part of any exercise plan is a stretching program. Gentle stretching exercises for your neck, shoulders, hips, arms, and legs should be done on a daily basis to keep your body limber. In addition, you should start a breathing program early on. The exact stretching exercise for pregnancy can vary.

Pregnancy is a good time to begin a low impact exercise program. Yoga enthusiasts are always looking for new recruits. The program includes the breathing and stretching exercises that are part of an exercise plan. A pregnancy Yoga program will get your muscles limber and your breathing in order. It should also allow you to clear your mind and relax. Other traditional low impact programs such as Pilates and Tai Chi also are perfect when modified for pregnancy. Let your instructor know that you are pregnant.

Two of the most traditional exercises also should also be incorporated in a pregnancy health plan. A daily walking program will stretch out the muscles. Try power walking around your neighborhood. Without much planning you can do this everyday. Swimming exercises are a comfortable way to stretch out muscles.

What about more active exercises during pregnancy? If you enjoy an active lifestyle, and your doctor agrees, you should be able to continue this active lifestyle during the first and part of the second trimester. And don’t forsake your trips to the gym. A jogging and tennis (not Wimbeldon) are fine. Limit away from more active exercises that could lead to accidents even when you are not pregnant (Anything that involves skates or horses). If you chose an active plan, make sure that you scale back your schedule prior to pregnancy.

There is no simple way around it: pregnancy is a grueling physical experience. A good pregnant woman’s exercise plan, like any similar experience, can make this easier. Stretching, low impact exercise, even more active exercises can help make you stay throughout.

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