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Fetal Brain Development and Fish Oil – Omega-3 Supplements Can Help Your Baby Grow

Fetal brain development and fish oil are closely interlinked. The omega-3 fatty acids that you can find in fish oil supplements today are extremely important for the development of your child’s brain, central nervous system and eyes. The majority of pregnant women today are deficient in DHA and EPA, two essential omega-3 fatty acids. This […]

Taking DHA Supplements During Pregnancy – Why Your Baby’s Development Depends on DHA Omega3

Do you know the importance of taking DHA supplements during pregnancy?  If not, then reading this article will explain what you need to know. The reason why doctors recommend taking a DHA supplement during pregnancy is because they are much needed by your baby to fully develop many of it’s bodily systems. DHA is a […]

Omega-3 baby brain food ads pulled in UK

Magazine adverts for follow-on formula containing prebiotic and omega-3s are in hot water in the UK due to making brain health claims unauthorised by the European Union Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR). The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) admonished the UK firm, HiPP Organic, that its ads must be changed due to omega-3-infant development claims […]