Weight Loss During Pregnancy – Dos and Don’ts
Weight Loss During Pregnancy – Dos and Don’ts

Is weight loss during pregnancy safe? Many women who find themselves pregnant will be overweight, others will be concerned about how much weight they are putting on during their pregnancy and wonder how they will ever shift it after the baby is born.

If you’re worried about putting on too much weight during pregnancy, read these simple dos and don’ts.


Do Eat Healthily During Your Pregnancy – You and your baby will enjoy the benefits for years to come. Eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water are the surest way to ensure that all the weight you gain will be easy to lose after the birth.

Do Exercise – If you have never exercised before then check with your doctor before embarking upon a new regime, but gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or swimming will be suitable for most pregnant women. If you are a regular exerciser don’t stop now. Exercise will help your recovery after giving birth as well as keeping your muscles toned to make post-pregnancy weight loss easier.

Do Make Your New Regime A Habit – During pregnancy we often feel more motivated to make positive lifestyle changes. Taking up exercise and healthy eating is a life-changing step, and sticking at it will encourage your children to follow the same healthy lifestyle.


Don’t Diet – Following diet plans is not a good idea during pregnancy, as your body’s needs are different. Calorie controlled diets that restrict your food intake are something to think about after the baby is born, and until then you should replace less healthy foods with those mentioned above.

Don’t Overdo It – I don’t need to tell you that pregnancy changes your body to the point where it is almost unrecognizable, and you may not be able to do some of the sports or fitness activities that you did before. Make sure you steer clear of contact sports and those that require balance, such as cycling or horse riding, and if you’re in any doubt ask your doctor.

Don’t Despair! – Everyone is different so don’t feel disheartened if you put on weight or can’t lose any during pregnancy. After the birth you will find it much more easy to shed those extra pounds if you follow the healthy lifestyle dos mentioned above.

Weight loss during pregnancy can be safe if you follow these steps – always consult a doctor if you’re in any doubt and take this opportunity to start building a healthier, fitter you.

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