What is Your Baby Missing Out on If You Do Not Have DHA During Pregnancy?
What is Your Baby Missing Out on If You Do Not Have DHA During Pregnancy?

Research is showing that taking DHA during pregnancy is a good thing to do as it really assists in fetal development, especially in the 3rd trimester. Although you should always follow a doctors advice during pregnancy you will find that if you do not have DHA during pregnancy then there are some key areas of development that your child could miss out on, especially in the brain.

The best place for you to get DHA from is fish oil, now this can cause concern in mothers to be as it has been reported that eating too much oily fish, such as tuna, can cause harm because of high levels of mercury. So to get fish oil into your diet the best thing to do is take a supplement; but before you go and grab a supplement from the shop shelf you want to ensure that it has been molecularly distilled, as this means the tablet has been purified and you wont find things like mercury in it: not all companies do this so it is vital that you check.

One of the reasons that DHA is so important to the baby’s brain is because when it develops about a quarter of the brain is made up from these fats, and they are essential fats meaning that the body cannot produce more of them, so by taking fish oil you are actually feeding the brain with what it needs. Now in adults this would mean better memory and concentration and in an unborn child it means optimum development of the brain. It is quite often found that children born by mothers that have taken this supplement have less problems with ADD and learning.

Another part of the body that is made up of these fats are the retinas, approximately sixty percent is made up of the fats. So by taking DHA during pregnancy you are giving the best chance of developing good eyes. As well as helping the eyes it is believed that the oil helps prevent things such as asthma and allergies. The reason this is thought (although not 100% proved) is because as the body is developing it can over stimulate the immune system and cause inflammation, and DHA is well known for its anti inflammatory properties.

One thing to be aware of though is that a lot of fish oil supplements are higher in EPA than DHA, and you really want a supplement that is the other way around. So, as I said earlier speak with your doctor before taking any supplements, but look at what your unborn child could be missing out on in its development if you do not take DHA during pregnancy.

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