When Trying To Get Pregnant

Many women are trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully, and this may come about for many reasons. It is important to know that it sometimes happens and does not mean that there are any major problems. However, if you want to have a baby and it is not happening, you may wish to consider these tips.

1. What type of birth control have you been using? When you stop taking the pill, it may take months for all of the effects to wear off. You may simply need more time. If you are taking birth control shots, you may need to wait as long as six months for the effects to wear off.

2. Know for certain when you are ovulating. You stand the best chance to get pregnant if you have sex soon after ovulation. Every morning when you get up, you should take your temperature. It does not matter if you know that you are not ovulating. You are looking for an average body temperature in the morning.

If you arise in the morning and your temperature is up, check your cervix mucus. It should be what has been referred to as a “raw egg” consistency. If these two things happen, there is a good chance that you are ovulating.

3. Buy an ovulation kit. This may help you know when you are ovulating. Just before ovulation you will have a rise in hormones. A simple urine test from the kit may reveal that to you. These kits can be bought over the counter. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

4. It may not be you. If you have tried numerous times, he may need to be checked. The process is not difficult, expensive or time consuming. It involves testing a semen sample under a microscope.

5. Make a doctor appointment. If you have not already done so, talk to your doctor about getting pregnant. He or she may have very good advice and may be able to help you.

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